School Holidays

To view a slideshow of very happy school holidays spent in those lazy hazy days spent in Fernilee.  Some of the photographs date back to the 1950s.
A copy of the pictures are stored on Flickr (pronounced “flicker”) a free photo hosting website
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School Holidays Fernilee

Photo of Christine Edge outside our Fernilee Cottage heading up the green collecting blackberries.
Mum and Dad were fortunate in buying two cottages in the Goyt Valley Derbyshire after the death of Mums elderly relative. for £500.
Photo taken in 1939 of the cottages with Grandma Horsfield nee Martha Collier (Pati), Vera Edge
nee Vera Horsfield, Uncle Osmond, Aunty Anne, Grandad Horsfield, Aunty 
May and Lilly.

Shaw Stile 1939

At the start of school summer holidays we would often travel with Dad to his soft drink factory in Longsight in Manchester. ( link to website ).
leaving at 7.30am in the morning. Dad was kept very busy during the Summer.
On arrival in Manchester. We would wait for a bus to take us to Fernilee.
We must have looked quite a site Mum and my older sister Christine. Timmy our pet dog, a budgerigar in a cage, A Tortoise, a goldfish in a bowl, food, toys.

Dad would join us all late in the evening. Even in those days the A6 was quite busy the journey would take about one hour.
We spent many happy carefree days at Fernilee the small hamlet had many children.
The Broklehurst Farm adjacent was always buzzing with activity. With free horse rides

Tony and the The Broklehust twins.

Photo of the Brocklehust twins Raymond Brocklehurst, Philip Brocklehurst
and Tony Edge on the pony.

playing on the haystacks.   (photo of Christopher Townsend, Tony Edge
Christine Edge)


Christine was very friendly with Margaret Brokelhurst.
(Photo of Christine Edge walking along the bank, me Tony Edge, my Dad Arthur Edge. Margaret Brocklehurst  enjoying paddling in the river Goyt).


I played with Christopher Townsend.


(Photo of Christopher Townsend on the left and Tony Edge on the right)
My cousins Wendy and Barbara Frankish would stay in the end cottage with my Grandad Horsfield and Grandma Horsfield. A good time was had by all.
My Uncle Alan Collier a teacher from Timperley made good friends with Alan Brocklehurst. During the early summer my Uncle would help with the sheep shearing he thoroughly enjoyed the different way of life on a farm.

My mum and loved the cottage.

We are fortunate Christine and myself still have the two cottages.

Dad made good friends with the local’s free boxes of pop was always well received.