Colliers Come Home.

A very special event for us September 2017

For friends and family who do not know about this story.


We so fortunate Martha’s Mum Frankie (Mimi) had a lifelong ambition to come back to the UK to visit Whaley Bridge and Fernilee. A very long journey from Texas & Honolulu, Hawaii. Delighted when they said they would like to visit us and stay at Colliers Cottage.

It was also Martha’s Birthday we were invited for a meal at the Shady Oak. To make the day even more special Martha’s beautiful daughter flew all the way from America to join her Mom and Gran. Mimi was over the moon with joy.

Martha writes.

Well, all my life I was told the story of my great grandparents, who came from a small town in England called Whaley Bridge. They settled in the gulf coast area of Texas in a little town called La Marque. Their names were Joseph and Martha Collier. They had 19 children, 10 of whom survived to make the trip to Texas in 1893. My grandmother, Martha Edith Collier, was about 5 years old at the time I believe. I found an 1850 census which lists my grandfather as about 6 years old at the time, and his parents were also Joseph and Martha Collier.
I am traveling with my 86 year old mother, a cousin from Texas and my younger sister. It’s been my mother’s dream to see Whaley Bridge, as her mother (Martha Edith Collier Ayars, 1886-1964) always told her she was born in Whaley Bridge. My mother’s great Grandparents are buried in the Taxal Church cemetery so that will be one definite visit for us.

One of the reasons I am coming to Whaley Bridge is to continue working on my family tree. I’ve been looking at your family tree online, and I really hope we can get together to compare. I have Bennets and also a George Lomas in my family tree. In the meantime, I am comparing your tree to mine online. Thanks so much for the link to your website. It’s inspired me to do more now that I’ve retired.

I received an email from you about 5 years ago, and it’s taken me that long to retire, with the time and money to enable me to bring my mother to Whaley Bridge in September.
We have planned a trip of 3 weeks, with one of the weeks to visit Ireland.

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