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  1. Tony says:

    Thank you for reading Memories of Fernilee. We love to hear any stories you might remember about the Goyt Valley and the people. Regards Tony Edge.

  2. Richard Hollister says:

    Hi Tony,

    I spent many happy hours at Fernilee. My Grandparents Eric and Mary Thomasson lived at No1 Fernilee Cottages. I spent many hours on the farm with Ray, Phillip and Alan and their Father Jack. Great memories of haymaking the large meadow in front of the cottages and collecting the conkers from the tree in the clough. When my Grandparent moved to Whaley Bridge I was offered the purchase of number 1 for £17000, this would have been in 1980. At the time as a young man it was too remote for me, but now it would be perfect. Both my parents, Jean Hollister (Thomasson) and Phillip Hollister have now passed but as a family great memories were shared in Fernilee. It’s great to find this site. Thank you

  3. Tony says:

    Hi Richard Thank you so much for your feedback. Number 1 was on the market for £390,000 only a couple of years ago I still have the sales brochure.
    I remember your grandfather Eric Thomasson my Dad was great friends with him.
    I spent many hours with him in his greenhouse it was lovely he built this himself.
    He taught me how to silver solder and wood turn laminate bowls. Dad would leave him a few bottles of Edge’s pop, a few days later he would leave a bunch of his home grown tomatoes on our doorstep they were the finest tomatoes we had ever tasted.
    I seem to remember Dad saying Eric moved to Fernilee on the advise of his doctor due to work related to breathing problems and the need to breath healthy clean air.
    He did not drive and travelled by train from Stockport to Whaley Bridge and walked up to the Shady Oak and collected a newspaper.
    I remember his dog Twady or Twixy always sitting on the window ledge watching the world go bye.
    One day Twady found an injured baby owl and brought it home very gently with a lot of loving Eric nursed the bird back to life and after a few weeks the owl flew down the valley.
    The first time I had been close up to a baby owl and couldn’t get over his crossed beaks and those lovely eyes.
    Wonderful days with so many happy memories. In those days so many children to play with.
    We are so fortunate we still have Fernilee cottage and they are enjoyed by all the family.
    With evenings closing in I do hope to add more content to this blog
    People are so special and would like to add memories.
    To name a few:
    Of course Mr Thomasson.
    Mr Cotrell and his chickens.
    Mrs Townsend shaufer to the doctor at Fernilee Hall.
    Mrs Mitten. Overbridge Cottage
    Farmer Lomas and big horn hearing aid.
    Miss Machin and her show dogs.
    John Plant.
    The Brocklehust family.
    here are some links to some pictures on flickr the photosharing site
    Mr Thomasons Greenhouse
    Playing on the haystack Fernilee
    Christopher Townsend, Tony me
    Margaret Brocklehurst,Christine my sister.
    Raymond and Philip Brocklehurst twins and me riding their pony.
    The link for all the photograph albums as follows
    Tony Edge

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