Trace our family roots in Fernilee

Grandad John Horsfield family roots going back 100 of years.

Over the years my Mum (Vera Edge. Nee Horsfield) and Dad (Arthur Edge) mentioned Fernilee Cottage that has been in the family for many generations.

The long family connection is reinforced by the fact that Grandad lost his first wife Gertrude A Yates at the tender age of 23 leaving him to cope with a one year old Anne and a newborn baby Vera.
Vera my Mother.

Great Grandma Sarah Yates was well equipped she had brought up 16 children. John Vera and Anne lived together with his Mother in law for many years.
As years passed slowly Grandad began to get his life back together both Vera and Anne spoke of their very happy days with Grandma Yates. Over the passing years John Horsfield spent time with his second cousin Martha Ellen Collier at Fernilee and the friendship developed and finally they were married in 1920.

Grandad Horsfield never talked about these very sad times I often wondered about the second cousin connection with Fernilee.

These days so much family history is online I managed to create a family tree to show the connection.
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