Fernilee family postcards.

This postcard sent by Aunty Anne Frankish to My Uncle Eric Frankish
James Lomas and Sarah (nee Potter) home THE MOSS HOUSE.

My Grandma Patricia (Martha) Collier married my Grandad Horsfield.
Just above the road at this point, lived at one time my great-grandparents James Lomas and Sarah (nee Potter) the house which was demolished when the first reservoir was built was called The Moss House and my Grandmother (Patricia) was a small girl there she said it was lovely but the brothers and sisters kept each other company.
Now visited all the year round by flocks of families for picnics.
Errwood Hall hidden by the trees further along the valley.
To: Mr Eric Frankish
51 Ridgeway Rd.

Moss house

The Moss House Goyt Valley.

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