Goyt Valley

I can remember at primary school at Highbury looking up at the hills of Derbyshire Friday afternoons and couldn’t wait to spend weekend and holidays at Fernilee.

We spent nearly all our school holidays at the cottage set in the beautiful Goyt Valley.

The Capewell family visit from America with Tony, Glenys, Christine.

Each bank holiday Aunts & Uncles cousins would visit although unannounced Mum would always make everyone welcome find something for tea.

We would love a walk down the valley towards the River Goyt and either cross the footbridge and climb high through the woods and farm the to Fernilee reservoir.

Gran Mum Horses
Mabel (Grandma) Vera Mum.
Walking down the Valley towards the river Goyt

Glenys crossing the footbridge.
Picnic by the river

Jazz enjoying playing in the river. Glenys taking a rest.

Walk on to the suspension bridge and cross the Reservoir heading back passed the ruins of Shaw Stile Farm (Great, Great, Great grandfathers Lomas farm) we could either take the Valentine route back to the cottage and view the Cherry tree blossoms on either side of the lane. This would bring us back to the Green and cottage.


The old Fernilee reservoir suspension bridge.
The ruins of Shaw Stile farm (Great, Great, Great Grandfathers Lomas farm.
Arthur Edge
Dad Arthur Edge enjoying the walk.

The Valentine lane.

The other route was by the side of overflow from the reservoir a very steep lane that would take us passed the filter sheds always fascinating seeing inside these huge filter tanks then on up to the Goyt footbridge and a steep climb back to the cottage ready for a cup of tea.

Many years later when Errwood reservoir was built the suspension bridge was removed the filter sheds were demolished and the cherry trees on either side of the Valentine felled. However Errwood reservoir brought new wonderful walks and beauty to the Goyt hosting some magnificent Rhododendrons.

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